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Mervi Eskelinen is an artist, illustrator, designer and business sorcerer

An illustration of assorted things over a soft textured pink background pictured as in a flatlay photo. The things include a pink notebook with word NOTES on the cover, chocolate chip cookies, a candy in red and white wrapper, earphones, a succulent (maybe aloe) plant, a teal mug of tea with a teabag still in the mug, a pencil, black pen, markers (pink, green, teal, yellow), orange paper clips, scissors, yellow clothespins, a white tablet pencil, a teal and black retro style camera, a dried rose, thick brownish yarn, a watercolour brush and a tablet with a black and white drawing of a cat laying on its back surrounded by wild strawberry plants with right front paw up as in waving with a content expression on its face. By Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

Filled with art, illustrations, planners, books and other designs, this shop is for magic makers. Besides making your world more beautiful and unusual, you can DIY your brand and business.

Some of my Bestsellers

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Find seamless patterns and clipart for your next project, art to decorate your space, and templates and workbooks for your business